Slow Pot Cooking FAQ

Below are just a few of the more regular questions we get asked about Slow Pot Cooking

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Q What is a slow pot?
A A slow pot (also known as slow cooker/crockpot), is an invaluable kitchen appliance that cooks food slowly at a temperature of approximately 110_C. I think they are a modern miracle and invaluable for people across all age groups - from University Students; Single Moms; Families and our Older population. There is nothing like the comforting smell of a delicious meal greeting you when you walk through the door from work - tired and stressed - I am testimony to this!

Q I am worried about leaving the Slow Pot on whilst I am out of the house
A I can understand this - and you are not alone. As long as you have liquid in the Slow Pot, it is perfectly safe as it cooks at such low temperatures. It is impossible to always turn every electrical appliance off - think of your fridges and freezers which operate whilst you are out.

Q These Slow Pots are on for a long time - according to your recipes - some-times up to 6 hours. Aren't they expensive to run?
A Not at all - a Slow Pot uses roughly the same electricity as a light bulb.

Q Which cuts of meat work better for Slow Pot cooking?
A Definitely your cheaper cuts - the long, slow cooking retains the flavour and tenderises even the cheapest, toughest cuts of meat

Q I am vegetarian - do you have any suitable recipes?
A Of course! I am a firm advocate of vegetarian cookery and more and more people are introducing vegetarian meals into their diet for health reasons as well as the fact that they are so delicious! I have just compiled some new recipes which can be found in our new Slow Pot Booklet. I hope you enjoy them.

Q What is your Slow Pot Appeal, and how can I make a donation?
A The Appeal was launched in January 2009, with the backing of Age Concern. It is my desire to get one into every older person's home where they might be struggling to cook due to a variety of reasons - either bereavement; illness; fraility, etc. The Slow Pot can be used in the lounge as well, and the delicious smells of the cooking often help to get the gastric juices flowing for people who have lost their appetite. Donations can be made to Age Concern, 14 Pyle Street, Newport, Isle of Wight - for the attention Susan Graves. 10 buys one slow pot. This year has seen some much appreciated charity events for this appeal, and I am very grateful to everyone who continues to make it such a success. Thank you!

Q How do we put names forward for a free Slow Pot from the appeal?
A Either email me at or telephone (01983) 209005 and leave a message. I answer every email/phone call and will make arrangements to deliver.

Q Where can I obtain a copy of your latest Slow Pot Cookery Booklet?
A From retail outlets and farm shops across the Isle of Wight. Please let me know if you have problems obtaining one. I am making a donation of 50p per booklet to Age Concern who do a wonderful job supporting our much respected older citizens.