Food Safety Consultancy

We are here to provide an empathetic but wholly professional service to help you comply with Food Safety law. Whether you are a larger catering establishment or a voluntary organisation, we can ensure that you are working within the law. We carry out preliminary kitchen inspections to ensure that things are in tip top condition in readiness for EHO inspections. We also help with the mandatory paperwork and HACCPS and can call on specialist advice on Health and Safety, if required. We enjoy a relationship second to none with our customers who particularly like our supportive; non-judgemental way of working - we see it as a partnership with them to achieve best practice and to lighten their load. We are going for the top hygiene rating all the way!!

Coming Shortly

One of the biggest changes to Food Safety Legislation is being introduced in December 2014 and it is around Allergens and Labelling. We will be holding workshops on the Isle of Wight and across the South of England to enable our lovely customers to understand how this will affect their business and what steps they need to take.

Please contact us if you would like further information.